BreakThrough20 coming... Summer 2021

Worship & Prayer Night

July 25, 2020

6:30 - 10PM

Breakthrough 20 Vision:

Breakthrough 20 was birthed in the hearts of students several years ago. The purpose is to spread hope to youth and young adults throughout the area. There will be a fun, energetic atmosphere that is filled with inspiration from singers and speakers.

We know lives will be transformed and that people will walk away knowing life is worth living. We know people will choose to live in abundance because they will encounter the living God who makes life worth living. We are excited to fan the flames of revival amidst the youth that has already begun in the area. Please join us in this pursuit.


Hearing God through the Word

Learn to decipher what God is saying.

Transformation -- Be the change

Students will be transformed so they can be catalysts of healing for peers, schools, and communities.

God's Heart: Soul Winning

He who wins souls is wise. Become a ferocious soul-winner.

Did you know?

94% of Christians decided to follow Christ before the age of 18.

Breakthrough to your God-given destiny...

Don't miss it!

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Our Goal $35,000 $4700